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We believe Tactics are a science, and the Art is in how we apply those tactics. Members of the California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO) interview a variety of guests and discuss lessons learned, the evolution of tactics, and other contemporary issues facing law enforcement.

Episode 028 - AB 392 and its Effect on Hostage Events

August 6th, 2021

Marcus sits down with Matt Alexander, Kris Jenny, and Travis Norton to discuss the effects of California AB3 92 on managing hostage rescue operations, as well as its impact on the priority of life and things you should consider in training, deploying, and documenting uses of force. 

Matt Alexander is a Lieutenant at a Central California agency. He is a CATO Instructor for the SWAT Team Leader and SWAT Commander courses, a CATO Regional Training Rep, and he also teaches for his own company, Advanced Combat Evolutions. Travis Norton is a Lieutenant in a Southern California agency. He is a CATO SLP 1 (Strategic Leadership Program) graduate, leads the CATO After Action Team, and teaches a variety of classes for the NTOA. Kristofer Jenny is a Sergeant at a Northern California police agency and is part of the CATO Team Leader Teaching Cadre. He is a CATO SLP 2 graduate and was instrumental in creating CATO's Critical Incident Management for Supervisors course.



Does This New Legislation Affect the Decision to Shoot a Hostage Taker?

by Travis Norton

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